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Casper Rudd as a couple at the Laver Cup: his companion Maria simply sublime


Casper Ruud is the rising star of world tennis. Second best player in the world according to the ATP ranking, the one who had revealed himself to the general public in the final of Roland Garros last June against Rafael Nadal, is currently playing in the Laver Cup. It is an annual competition based in London that owes its name to Rod Laver, one of the greatest players in history (11 Grand Slam singles titles won during his career).

A tournament that the 23-year-old Norwegian has just started in the best possible way in London since he won the opening match (6-4, 5-7, 10-7) against the American Jack Stones . Last night, he held the full attention of photographers during a very chic dinner organized in the English capital, on the sidelines of this competition which will see the legend Roger Federer put a definitive end to his career there. Casper Ruud certainly wore a very nice tuxedo, but it was above all his relationship with the sublime Maria Galligani who caused a sensation. The pretty blonde was adorned with a sensational dress, with a very generous neckline.

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Crazy Love ?

The two lovebirds appeared to be very accomplices on the occasion of this beautiful evening, they who have been in a relationship since 2018. And since this formalization, the young woman has a habit of supporting and accompanying her man wherever he goes to dispute his matches. This explains in particular his presence this week in London. Difficult on the other hand to know many things about her, insofar as she does not benefit from the same notoriety as her prince charming.

What we do know, however, is that she is also from Norway, and that she seems to be roughly the same age as Casper Ruud. On her Instagram account, she takes many pictures of the capital Oslo, the capital of Norway, and we can imagine that she is installed there with Casper Ruud. Last spring, they treated themselves to a nice trip to the United States, to Florida, where the tennis player had reached the final of the Miami tournament, before losing to the ultimate nugget: the recent winner of the’U.S. Open Carlos Alcaraz.

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Note that Andy Murray was also present in London for this special Laver Cup dinner with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

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