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Can you unplug the phone before charging 100% without any risk for your device ?


You might have heard someone question, “Can you disconnect the phone before charging it completely?” This is a frequently asked issue, and many people charge their phones completely before disconnecting them, but is this still true?

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To discover out, read the article below, and I’ll tell you if you should wait until the finish or whether you may rest by disconnecting it first.

Can you unplug the phone before charging 100%?

You know how they say, “the first time you charge your phone, it must be at 0 percent 100 percent”? This, however, turns out to be a hoax! The mobile phone battery, like every other thing in life, has a usable life, and charging from 0% to 100% reduces that useful life, you know?

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This is a gradual process; performing it a few times will not harm your battery, but you will find that it lasts less and less over time. Isn’t it a little perplexing? Consider this: charging it to a hundred represents a fresh battery cycle, and the more cycles, the more worn out the battery becomes, right?

Some cell phone companies even warn that above 80% the battery is at the ideal charge to be used, so there is no need to wait until it reaches the maximum, you know?

Another important thing is not to leave the battery plugged in for too long after it has reached 100%. This can be harmful in the long run due to the heating that the battery suffers, especially in devices with a fast charge.

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A lot of information, right? To summarize: it is completely safe to unplug your phone before 100%, but if you do, remember to do it at the right time, okay?

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