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Camille Gottlieb: Her brother Thomas, her look-alike, has changed a lot… this tender sister-brother moment revealed!


The daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Camille Gottlieb is very close to her family. And especially his siblings. And this summer, the young woman who celebrated her 23rd birthday did not fail to recall it. When she wasn’t on a boat off the French Riviera with Pauline and Louis Ducruet, it was her other half-brother Thomas who was in her thoughts. And this Thursday, September 1, the daughter of Stéphanie de Monaco and Raymond Gottlieb again shared a beautiful shot of her with this brother which looks exactly like him.

While participating in a trends which consists of sharing a few photos corresponding to a specific date, she unveiled a beautiful photo of her tenderly kissing her brother Thomas Gottlieb on the cheek, with the date “24/12/2020”. And the statement, “Like you used to baby“. And less than two years later, it is clear that indeed the half-brother of Camille Gottlieb, son of Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, former bodyguard of the sister of Albert of Monaco, and Vanessa, has changed a lot. On the last photo of him, shared by Camille Gottlieb, last August 16, he appeared much more mature. But from year to year, if there is one thing that does not change, it is the striking resemblance between brother and sister.

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Pauline and Louis Ducruet, “stars” on vacation

Fan of her brother, she is also just as much of her other brother and sister Louis and Pauline Ducruet. This summer, Camille Gottlieb spent most of her time by their side. The children, fruits of the love of Stéphanie de Monaco and Daniel Ducruet, also stayed in the south of France and enjoyed a few sumptuous days on the boat with their little sister. And during their sunbathing sessions, the young woman, who inherited the sacred character of her illustrious mother, did not hesitate to tease them. “These two are too stars“, she had fun, in particular, on Instagram.

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Close to her family, Camille Gottlieb, very thin, is not one who hides her feelings. Very active on Instagram, she never fails to remind her siblings of her love.

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