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Bruce Willis: the trap set by his producer when he knew of his illness!



Fans of the American actor were saddened to learn that Bruce Willis was retiring, constrained and forced; because of the illness from which he suffers:‘aphasia. However, some close to the actor; who has so many times saved the world on screen; wonder about the shocking attitude of its producer.


A sick actor who is revitalized by his family:

It is relatively quiet ; which may worry his fans who number in the millions. But Bruce Willis, who is now 67, is doing well, as evidenced by the videos posted in his place regularly. his wife Emma Heming Willis.

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In the latest, the actor is seen attempting to do a dance, which triggers laughter from his 10-year-old daughter Mabel. However, behind the laughter and the family moments, doubts remain about the role that the producer of Bruce Willis has been able to play in recent years, while the actor took note of his illness.


An accumulation of bad roles despite a fragile state of health:

The actor’s illness degrades his nervous abilities. As such, he cannot really fulfill his role as an actor, because now he barely speaks. A situation known to his producer Randall Emmett who however did not hesitate to put the actor in second-rate films, to continue to receive money.

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Not only these roles have considerably discredited the actorbut above all the businessman has played with his increasingly fragile health, to take advantage of his star image. The Los Angeles Times has also published an investigation on this subject, bringing to light the actions of this unscrupulous producer…

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