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Brother’s tribute to man who died waiting in Job Centre queue


A man who collapsed and died while waiting for an appointment in a Job Centre has been described as a ‘father figure’ by his younger brother.

David Bevan, 62, known as Dai, suffered a suspected heart attack while in a queue at the centre in Llanelli, south Wales, on Friday.

It was initially reported he was waiting for an appointment to discuss Jobseeker’s Allowance after being declared fit for work despite having diabetes and a heart condition.

This has been denied by a DWP source who told the Mirror Mr Bevan was attending a regular appointment to claim his benefits.

Mr Bevan’s younger brother Simon, 40, who rushed to the Job Centre to be by his sibling’s side, said: ‘He was a father a figure to me after my mum died when I was 13.

‘I will miss him terribly but I just think it’s one of those unfortunate things, when your number’s up …’

Mr Bevan, from Burry Port, died in a waiting room minutes after Simon arrived at the building.

Staff and customers had rushed to help Mr Bevan but they were unable to get a response so lay him on the floor.

They started CPR and an ambulance was called while the Job Centre was evacuated, but paramedics declared him dead at the scene after working on hi for 20 minutes.

A witness said: ‘We were all very shook up, it was a horrible situation that should have never happened. The job centre is all shut down now.’

Simon added he was not blaming anyone and did not know whether his brother had been declared fit to work.

He said Mr Bevan, who was a former road layer and refuse collector, would not have wanted anyone blamed either and his death was ‘unfortunate’ and his ‘number was up’.

Mr Bevan started receiving unemployment benefit in 2017 when he stopped working because of his health.

Simon revealed his brother also had a heart scare in 2009.

Mr Bevan, who enjoyed taking his German Shepherd Wally for daily walks, was a huge fan of rugby club Burry Port and a two-minute silence in his honour was observed before their match on Saturday.

Simon also played for the club and his big brother would cheer him on.

A DWP spokesman said: ‘Our thoughts and those of the staff at Llanelli Jobcentre are with the family and friends at this time.’


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