Britain's newspapers have their say as UK leaves EU after 47 years


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Brexit has been splashed over Britain’s national newspaper front pages as they marked the historic moment the UK officially broke ties with the European Union.

“Today our nation wakes up to a future outside the EU,” the front page of Saturday’s Mirror read.

“We were told it would make our country fairer and stronger. For the sake of everyone who voted Leave or Remain… Now build the Britain we were promised.”

The Sun said that Boris Johnson has vowed to heal bitter Brexit divisions as UK left the EU after 47 years at 11pm on Friday. “Make leave… not war,” its front-page headline read.

And the Times wrote that Britain’s departure from the EU was marked in Parliament Square as it pictured triumphant drive-past in a BMW Isetta in Westminster.

The Guardian’s front-page headline read: “the day we said goodbye,” alongside an image of a British bulldog standing on a Union flag looking downhearted.

It was “Independence Day” for some Britons, the newspaper said, while for others is was a “national bereavement”.

The Daily Telegraph claimed Prime Minister Mr Johnson is preparing to impose full customs and border checks on all EU goods entering the UK now Brexit has taken place.

And the Daily Express, which dedicated its first 11 pages to what it calls its “historic Brexit edition”, also struck a positive tone on the cover.  “Rise and shine it’s a glorious new Britain,” it wrote.

The i asked “What next” for the UK and noted that trade talks were set to begin within weeks as the PM tried to create a sense of “national renewal”.

The FT described the moment as an “unprecedented blow to the process of postwar integration on the continent.” It said Mr Johnson marked the occasion with a “sober but optimistic address to the nation, claiming divorce was inevitable”.

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