Why Can’t Anyone Solve This IQ Test in 10 Seconds Where You Have to Find the Value of the Flowers?

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Indeed, a significant number of people are passionate enthusiasts of puzzling challenges, such as IQ tests. In this one, however, you'll get the opportunity to flex your mental muscles by solving an equation featuring flowers. Dive in and let the intellectual fun begin!

How to Overcome This Challenge?

In this lively and intriguing IQ test, you are tasked with a puzzle that challenges you to ascertain the value of flowers in a given equation. This riveting mathematical riddle requires you to decode the hidden numerical value behind colorful and elegantly illustrated flowers. The challenge may seem daunting at first glance, but keep in mind that every problem has a solution, and this one is no exception.

MindYourDecisions' founder, Presh Talwalkar, has composed an informative video that sheds light on the complex conundrum. The video can be immensely helpful in breaking down the puzzle and guiding you towards the solution. If feelings of defeat start to creep in, remember, there's no shame in seeking a bit of assistance.

What is the Value of Flowers in This IQ Test?

Decoding the mathematical enigma requires careful observation and analysis of the given photograph. For instance, if the sum of three red flowers is 60, then the value of each red flower is 20. This conclusion is based on simple division.

Moving onto the next line, it presents an equation that consists of a red flower and two blue flowers, each possessing five petals. If the resulting solution is 30, then the petals hold a value of 1. Consequently, two blue flowers equate to 10.

The picture puzzle continues with a blue flower (valued at 5) subtracted by two yellow flowers equaling 3. If the blue flower is 5, then the two yellow flowers must be 1 each, as 5 – 2 = 3.

The final equation offers a straightforward solution. If the yellow flower equals 1, the red flower is worth 20, and the last blue flower equals 4, the equation unravels as follows: 1 + (20 x 4) = 81.

  • Each red flower equivalence: 20
  • Each blue flower equivalence: 5
  • Each yellow flower equivalence: 1

After calculating the values, you will find that the flowers in this IQ test hold a total value of 81. This challenge, while seemingly complex, turned out to be far from insurmountable.

Bravo to those who managed to crack the code, and encouragement to those still trying. Remember, every challenge is a learning opportunity, and this IQ test certainly proved to be one.

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