IQ Test: Only geniuses manage to pass the challenge, finding the height of the table in 40 seconds!

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How Do We Proceed?

Embarking on an intellectual journey with this intriguing IQ test, assumptions and appearances must be put aside. This seemingly simple task has proven to be a stumbling block for many. The task at hand? Deciphering the height of a table presented within the enigma.

Various elements come into play, including a table, a mouse, a cat, and some measurements. The goal is to weave these components together, formulating a mathematical equation that can unveil the height of the table. Visual logic also plays a vital role in determining the answer.

The answer to this IQ test which involves finding the height of the table

Cracking this conundrum is reserved for those with astute analytical abilities. Despite its difficulty, a segment of Chinese students has managed to surpass it. Two distinctive measurements are apparent in the accompanying images. They represent the difference between the two animals and their respective positions, one on the table and another on the floor.

The first image shows a gap of 140 cm, and the second reveals a difference of 110 cm. The twist in this tale is the swapping of places by the two animals. Can you crack the code based on this information?

  • Visual Method: Imagine superimposing these two measurements. Adding them together gives 110 cm + 140 cm = 250 cm. With two tables in the equation, divide the total by two, rendering a result of 125 cm.
  • Academic Method: Convert the data into equations. The sought-after height (h) is added to all values. For the first image, the equation is: h. cat – h. mouse + h. table = 140. For the second: h. mouse – h. cat + h. table = 110. Cancelling out opposing values results in: 2 (h. table) = 250, equivalent to 250/2 = 125 cm.

Thus, through either the visual or academic approach, the elusive table height in this IQ test is revealed to be 125 cm.

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