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Bonnie Ross would have been fired from 343 Industries for his mismanagement of Halo Infinite


Bonnie Ross’s departure from 343 Industries could have been for more than just medical reasons. According to the journalist Brad Sams and according to what we are seeing on the networks, the halo infinite studio is undergoing major restructuring, passing through the departure of the, to date, director of the study, whose position has been occupied by Pierre Hintze. And is that the launch of Halo Infinite has not been as successful as Microsoft expected. This situation, added to the bad relationship that was developing between the Halo team and its fans, could have led to Bonnie Ross being fired by Microsoft.

Bonnie Ross would have been fired from 343 Industries for her mismanagement of Halo Infinite:

As Sams points out, despite the fact that the official version given by Microsoft has been that Bonnie Ross has been forced to leave her post for medical reasons, multiple sources assure a different version. According to this, it would have been Microsoft itself who would have decided to fire Ross for the halo infinite resultsstarting a restructuring process that would not have finished yet.

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The truth is that Microsoft’s idea was make Halo Infinite your own Destiny, but it would have been harmed by what is called «laundry room syndrome»; situation that affects projects (including games) in which the scope is not defined correctly from the beginning, producing new changes without any type of control and considerably increasing the initial budget. Halo Infinite would have been affected by this situation, greatly increasing its initial budget.

But that would not be all, because many users they have held the Bonnie Ross march for the lousy treatment they had been receiving on networks for some time. As we can see on Twitter, it was common for any user or fan, who complained or made any criticism regarding Halo, to be immediately blocked by the official Halo account. So, this lack of communication and contempt for users, added to the lack of content and the huge expense of Halo Infinite, could have led to the departure of Bonnie Ross from the studio. What is your opinion?

This is how the Halo Infinite team remains after the departure of Bonnie Ross, but they would not be the only changes

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