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Bill Clinton admits that he offered Russia “an eventual membership in NATO”


MADRID, Sep. 19 (Moose Gazette) –

Former United States President Bill Clinton acknowledged this Sunday that during his term (1993-2001) he offered the Russian authorities “an eventual membership” in the Atlantic Alliance, which was experiencing a period of expansion at that time.

“I offered Russia not only a special partnership with NATO, but also the prospect of eventual NATO membership, arguing that our biggest future security problems would come from non-state organizations or authoritarian states,” Clinton said. during an interview for CNN collected by ‘Politico’.

Clinton has stressed that he conveyed to the Russian government of the time the need to confront “together” those countries that “sell chemical, biological and nuclear capabilities to terrorist groups”, while, he says, he insisted that Washington and the NATO did not intend to threaten Moscow.

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During Clinton’s presidency, countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary or Poland joined the Atlantic Alliance, which years later would also welcome Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, all of them republics of the Soviet Union.

This process of expansion has been for certain sectors one of the main arguments of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to start the war in Ukraine, considering that NATO has gained ground in recent years to Russia, a country that is losing international presence.

However, Clinton has rejected this possibility and has defended that while he was president of the United States, NATO “did the right thing”. “I think we did the right thing at the right time. And if we hadn’t, this crisis could have happened even sooner,” he said.

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