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Bella Thorne Becomes A ‘Disco Queen’ With Huge Pink Wig & Wild Makeup


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Bella Thorne is taking Halloween costume suggestions! As a trial run, the actress tried out a look suitable for a dance floor in the ’70s — but she’s considering dressing up as an ex for the real deal.

Get brainstorming, because Bella Thorne needs a Halloween costume. In the meantime, the 22-year-old actress warmed up for the spooky holiday with a beauty look that basically transformed her into one of John Travolta’s backup dancers in Saturday Night Fever — only much pinker. Demanding the most attention was a giant pink afro, which the Disney alum complemented with lipstick hearts drawn around her eyes, metallic purple lipstick and a strapless red polka-dotted top. “Disco queen 😍 what should I be for Halloween,” Bella captioned the photos, which she shared to Instagram on Oct. 23!

Bella asked, and her fans answered. “You should be Tana Mongeau,” one follower suggested, referring to Bella’s ex (she confirmed her split from the famous YouTuber in Feb. 2019). The idea had already dawned on Bella. “Hahaha I was thinking that,” the Midnight Sun star replied. If Bella dressed up as her ex — mind you, they’ve engaged in a Twitter war before — she would win Halloween 2019. Bella also took a liking to another costume suggestion. “Be pennywise sister,” a different fan commented, referring to the carnivorous clown in It. Bella’s a fan of Stephen King’s character, because she replied, “pennywise😍😍.”

Whatever’s the final pick for Bella’s Halloween costume, we know it’ll be something to marvel at. She’s known for pushing boundaries, like when Bella posed topless in a mirror selfie, shared on Oct. 22! The Midnight Sun star also opted out of wearing a shirt when she cuddled in bed with her new girlfriend, Alex Martini, as seen in an Instagram post shared on Oct. 7.

Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne likes a fan’s idea of dressing up as her ex, Tana Mongeau, for Halloween! (Instagram/@bellathorne)

Bella’s a fan of the horror genre, because she dressed up as Tiffany Valentine — Chucky’s evil bride — for Halloween 2018. Her ex-boyfriend, Mod Sun, accompanied the actress as Chucky. We’ll have to wait and see if Bella will opt for another couple’s costume this year, now that she’sin relationships with Alex and singer Benjamin Mascolo!


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