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Back to the new features of Twitter


In recent months, Twitter has changed a lot. Indeed, since April, the transaction of the social network with Elon Musk is a real soap opera. Twitter had to deal with numerous requests from the billionaire to secure the sale of the company, however not everything went as planned. To date, Elon Musk no longer wishes to buy the social network. During these laborious months, the social network still managed to stay the course, offering its users ever more novelties. Influenth summarizes the features that have arrived recently.

Twitter Ratings

Twitter formalizes Notesits new feature for edit blog posts. A novelty that stands out from tweets, but can be shared through them. A great way to put an end to long threads. With Notes, media can be integratedthe text will be limited to 2500 words and editable.

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Branded Likes

A novelty that will be appreciated by brands. Branded Likes allows customize the “Like” button in order to create a custom animation. A new offer that will stimulate engagement.

Bitmoji on Twitter

Twitter collaborates for the first time with Snapchat in order to offer its users a new option. Users will have the option add a Bitmoji in profile picture. To create their Bitmoji, users will go through Snapchat.


Instagram has its shared posts, Twitter launches CoTweet. A very useful new tool for brands and content creators when collaborating. CoTweet allows you to create collaborative tweets by adding a co-author. The tweet will therefore be published simultaneously on the authors’ profile.

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