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Arthur Morgan actor talks about GTA VI


It’s been a very hectic few weeks around the highly anticipated sixth installment of Grand Theft Auto. Since Jason Schreier leaked the first reliable details of GTA VIthe rumors and speculations around the leak about the protagonist, the location, release date and more have skyrocketed, to the point that Roger Clark himself, actor who gives voice to Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 has spoken about GTA SAW.

In recent years, Rockstar Games has improved the working conditions and environment at the studio, with flexible scheduling plans for developers to set better working hours. However, one important piece of information that emerged from this change was the new approach to development. The next Grand Theft Auto would start with a moderate-sized release, which will then be expanded with regular updates over time, which can help mitigate stress and crisis.

What will GTA Online be like after the release of GTA VI?

Arthur Morgan actor talks about GTA VI

Arthur Morgan talks about GTA VI

Although, thanks to our fellow GameRant players, we’ve discovered that the Arthur Morgan actor talks about GTA VI, commenting that this new approach to the sixth installment makes stories like Red Dead Redemption 2 less likely.

[Es] hard to say yet. Some positive things I could see it doing is that players will see new titles released more often. Story add-ons are a fascinating premise, it could introduce a serial aspect to stories in games much more like TV narratives. […] Now all players who prefer the story mode will have the opportunity to extend their enjoyment of a game like never before.

I can’t see how it will all play out, but it makes longer, epic stories like Red Dead Redemption 2 seem less likely in the future. At least on the first day of a release, but many exciting possibilities will replace it. From an actor’s point of view, I think [ese enfoque] it has a lot of potential.

A new approach could kill two birds with one stone: help reduce and mitigate stress with a shorter/less ambitious development cycle, as well as open up the opportunity for the new narrative design they seem to be aiming for.

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