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‘An interesting period is coming’: Roger Federer, father of twins, has already planned everything for his post-career


Tennis loses a new legend and it will be very difficult to replace Roger Federer in the hearts of lovers of the little yellow ball. A few weeks ago, it was none other than Serena Williams who bowed out after two decades of reigning over her sport, at home in New York, after a good run at the US Open. A few minutes ago, the 41-year-old Swiss made the surprise announcement to his fans that he too would be retiring in 2022, through a beautiful and long message on his social networks. The winner of 20 Grand Slam tournaments has said he will retire after the Laver Cup, which will be held from September 23 to 25 in London.

A last goodbye inevitably eagerly awaited by the millions of fans of Roger Federer, certainly very moved by the news and the places of this tournament are likely to be sold at a price of gold. “It’s time for me to end my career“, wrote the Swiss in his press release. In a few days, the tennis player will therefore have plenty of time to take care of his wife Mirka and his four children. Father of the twins Charlene and Myla, born in 2009, he is also the father of two twins, Leo and Lenny, born in 2014.

Finding the right size is a challenge for both girls and us parents.

In an interview given to the Swiss newspaper a few months ago, Roger Federer explained that several challenges await him in the coming months with his children. It’s an interesting period ahead (…) They (her twins) have so many things in mind at this age. It’s not all that simplehe explains to Coopzeitung, as relayed by the Blick newspaper. He then discusses the problem of mobile phones for the two teenagers and the time they will spend in front of their screens. Finding the right size is a challenge for both girls and us parents.“, specifies the Swiss.

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Regarding her two 7-year-old boys, things are simpler since they “are still too young“, according to Roger Federer.”We’ve warned girls so many times about dangers of all kinds. With them (the twins) I am much more relaxed now. I assume that, on their own, they will not do it (putting themselves in danger, editor’s note)“, concludes the champion.

A few days away from retiring, legend Roger Federer knows he certainly won’t be bored at home and he even seems to like the challenge!

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