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Amnesty International urges to protect the collection of evidence of alleged war crimes in Ukraine


MADRID, Sep. 13 (Moose Gazette) –

The NGO Amnesty International on Monday urged the international community to prioritize obtaining evidence of alleged war crimes as Ukrainian troops recapture territory invaded by Russia.

“As Ukraine regains control of territory occupied by Russian forces, obtaining evidence of its alleged war crimes must be a priority,” Amnesty’s Eastern Europe and Central Asia Director Marie Struthers said, calling for resources to the international community.

“Gathering this evidence is resource intensive, so we call on the international community to provide resources to assist Ukraine in its efforts. All ongoing and future trials on alleged war crimes must meet fair trial standards.” , Struthers added.

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Amnesty has noted that Russia is launching attacks in response to Ukraine’s military advances that have caused “significant damage” to critical civilian infrastructure, including an attack on a power plant that has caused power and water outages and disrupted civilian activities.

For this reason, he has reminded Russia that “deliberate attacks” against civilian infrastructure can constitute war crimes.

“These attacks must be investigated in order to ensure that anyone suspected of criminal responsibility is brought to justice,” the organization stressed.

In recent days, Ukraine has claimed to have recovered more than 6,000 square kilometers of territory previously occupied by Russia, including Izium and Kupiansk, two key cities in the Kharkiv region.

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As Russian forces withdraw, evidence of alleged war crimes committed by Russian troops and Russian-backed armed groups is emerging in the form of testimonies, videos and photographs.

On September 10, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that police officers had exhumed the bodies of two men allegedly tortured and killed by Russian forces in the Kharkiv village of Hrakove in March.

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