Allied Wallet CEO Featured as the “Job Creator” on New Wealth & Finance Cover

allied wallet

Dr. Andy Khawaja, CEO of Allied Wallet – a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing, is featured on the cover of Wealth & Finance magazine.

Dr. Khawaja is recognized as ‘E-commerce CEO of the Year’ in an article that refers to him as “The Job Creator” for his ability to not only create jobs with his massive online payments company, but his ability to offer new opportunities.

Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet have enabled thousands of people to become business owners by offering their products and services online. In turn, these business owners have employed countless people to support their newfound businesses.

“Allied Wallet is creating jobs and secondly, we are giving the millennials the chance to trade and conduct business without financials. We are opening doors for people who want to self-employed and independent, and this is having a massive impact because when we allow this to happen, will enable the creation of more jobs which will grow the economy,” said CEO Andy Khawaja.

Allied Wallet not only creates jobs, but promotes a very positive, involved culture. He believes in being hands on in realizing the strengths of his team members and promoting their success. 

Ultimately, that is Dr. Khawaja and Allied Wallet’s very apparent goal – to promote a successful impact and successful individuals.

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