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Albert and Charlene of Monaco hand in hand at the Vatican: friendly meeting with Pope Francis…


They have never been so close: for the past few weeks, Albert and Charlene of Monaco have been multiplying gestures of tenderness and proofs of love for each other, to the delight of their fans! And this Wednesday, on a private visit to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis, they did it again. Indeed, the couple, married for 11 years, arrived hand in hand at the palace, more complicit than ever.

A gesture that recalls their (very) rare kiss during their trip to Norway at the end of June, and which testifies to their closeness, they who hardly saw each other during the year 2021. Left for South Africa for a humanitarian mission in At the beginning of the year, the former swimmer had indeed remained stuck there due to an infection of the ENT sphere which had earned her several operations.

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Finally returned to Europe in November, she had spent several more weeks in a rest clinic in Switzerland before returning to the palace and her two children Jacques and Gabriella, who are now 7 and a half years old. Twins more and more present in Monaco but who were not, this time, in Rome for this somewhat surprised visit.

A visit for which Charlène had chosen a long black Terrence Bray dress, very simple and paired with light pink Louis Vuitton low-heeled pumps. Her head covered with a mantilla, a large cross around her neck, she was superb in an unparalleled sobriety. However, a detail has been noted by observers: while she is one of the rare women to have the right to wear white in the presence of the Pope (Catholic queens and consorts) and that she had used it during their last meeting , this time she had respected the tradition of dressing in black when you meet him.

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