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A video of Unreal Engine 5 goes viral for its resemblance to reality


Epic Games officially launched its new engine a little over a month ago, giving access to a multitude of developers and users to the new features that are present in what will be one of the most used graphics engines during the generation of consoles that has already started.

Since then, several users have been tinkering and testing things with the engine, offering results that could very well be from real life, such as the scenario that an artist created a few months ago in a DIY workshop. And now, a new Unreal Engine 5 video has gone viral, wowing everyone who’s seen it.

A video of Unreal Engine 5 goes viral for its resemblance to reality

The creation of this video has been the work of the artist Lorenzo Drago, also known among the youtube community, in which he shows us a video where we can see part of a train platformas well as the pedestrian bridge of said platform, offering a glimpse of the place at different times of the day.

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What is really surprising is that Drago managed to create this environment without using Nanite, one of the most important features of Unreal Engine 5. With the use of this technology, developers can take any 3D capture of real-world objects and import it into the engine. . However, the artist has assured that he has created all the models manually, only using external factors related to the foliage present in this viral video of Unreal Engine 5.

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Although it is true that the area shown in the video is quite small, that does not mean that the artist’s work has managed to impress many people, especially because they give rise to thinking about what we will be able to see in the present generation with the work of experienced developers.

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