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A rugby player deceived by his fiancée with a teammate: he surprises them in the middle of a sexual act!


There are stories that are hard to believe and yet this one is indeed true. High level rugby player, Michael Lichaa lives in Australia with his fiancée, Kara Childerhouse, after several years traveling the country for his job. One morning, the 29-year-old sportsman wakes up and finds his fiancée having sex with one of his former teammates from the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs club in his garden! A situation that puts him out of his mind and he then decides to leave his home after seeing this.

Mad with rage, he decides to drink a good part of the day to try to drown his sorrow before making a decision that could well have cost him his life. Totally drunk, he visits his former teammate and fiancee’s lover, Adam Elliott the next morning. In a daze, he comes to take revenge and intends to do battle with him, but nothing will happen as planned. After violently banging on the glass of the front door, the latter breaks and seriously injures Michael Lichaa in the arm. Faced with the noise and the screams of the rugby player who shouts “I’m going to kill him”the neighbors decide to act and warn the local police.

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Operated in emergency, he is finally acquitted during the trial

Seriously affected, Michael Lichaa was taken to hospital for treatment. According to the police officers present on the spot, the scene looked like a pool of blood… The rugby player had to undergo emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. After the fact, Kara Childerhouse accused her companion of assaulting her and the latter was charged with domestic violence for this story which dates back to February 2021. The trial took place a few days ago and the young woman returned to his charges, failing to appear at the hearing.

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Michael Lichaa was therefore acquitted of the charges against him. “I’m glad the truth has finally come out (…) I just want to put it all behind me now and get on with my life and the happy days ahead”he said after his trial, in comments reported by the New York Post.

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