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A player recreates a well-known Elden Ring creature in LEGO


A very talented player has been able to recreate a walking mausoleum of Elden Ring in LEGO. And the result is amazing. For those who don’t know, the mausoleums are beings that roam the Midlands and it’s quite amazing in its design. If this LEGO version of the Elden Ring creature looks familiar to you, you may have seen this same user’s post from months ago showing the top half of the walking mausoleum.

That top half alone measured 17 inches and weighed about 24 pounds, so you can imagine how the bottom half has contributed to the build in terms of size. That creator is Reddit user HoboSapient, who has shared some amazing images of his LEGO version of the Elden Ring walking mausoleum. Within the images we have a LEGO figure as well as a cat for some sort of scale to show how tall this build is. On the other hand, they have recreated Melina using the character creator.

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This is Elden Ring in LEGO

In the comments on the Reddit post, as well as some image descriptions, we learn a bit more about this creation. The builder said the The Elden Ring mausoleum in LEGO weighs approximately 30 pounds and is made up of between 5,000 and 6,000 pieces.. The interior of the Walking Mausoleum is made up of “a lot of Technic,” the builder said, and as for the provenance of these pieces, the builder attributed the collection of various pieces to Pick-a-Brick offerings at the brick-and-mortar store. LEGO.

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When it comes to the traveling mausoleums, now in the form of the Elden Ring in LEGO, neither “creature” nor “enemy” are the best words to describe them, given its function and design. They’re not exactly hostile enemies, but they respond to attacks and, for the most part, strut around like giant tortoises carrying a mausoleum on their backs.

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