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A former Nintendo manager moves to Xbox


The Forza franchise has been characterized throughout its history by its excellent level of quality, both in mechanics and graphics, being one of the driving benchmarks in the industry. Now, it seems that Microsoft wants to continue promoting and improving its quality, since A former Nintendo manager joins Xbox as Chief Quality Officer for Forza, maintaining high standards in all future deliveries.

Through Twitter, the well-known leaker Idle Sloth, has shared an image of a user who has discovered the new acquisition of Turn 10 Studios, nothing more and nothing less than a former Nintendo manager. In the pictures, it is possible to see his long career in companies and studios, being a great contribution to Microsoft and its Forza saga, due to the high standards that Nintendo usually has in its exclusive titles.

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A former Nintendo manager moves to Xbox

Forza Motorsport will be very important for Xbox in 2022

Gearreald spent almost five years with Nintendo at various management levels, so all the experience gained will serve to enhance the next installments of the franchise, especially now that the launch and demonstration (in the Xbox Showcase) of the new Forza is possibly coming. Motorsport. Maybe, Microsoft is making this move for the same reason, to give a higher quality standard to this new installment. which means the restart of the Motorsport saga.

Without a doubt, excellent news for Microsoft, Xbox, Forza and the fans, who will now be able to have better quality standards in the titles. It only remains to wait and see how this translates into the next installments, but according to rumors, it won’t be long before we see the next big title in the franchise.

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