🔥The Masked Singer final: The best predictions on Queen Bee, Octopus and Hedgehog's identities🔥


After a truly bizarre and wonderful six-week run, The Masked Singer is set to come to a dramatic close tonight. 

The show has defied the odds (and critics) to become a Saturday night staple for viewers up and down the country, who can’t get enough of the talent-contest-meets-guessing-game format.

So far we’ve seen an incredibly wide variety of stars unmasked with everyone from a former home secretary to Grammy winner being revealed as the secret singer. 

Just three singers now remain and regardless of who wins, tonight’s episode will see all of their identities finally revealed. But who’s behind each mask? 

The Masked Singer

Here’s a round-up of all the best guesses… 

Who is Queen Bee?

Let’s start with an easy one. Everyone knows this is Nicola Roberts. 

Within seconds of the character’s very first VT airing, Girls Aloud devotees had rumbled the star and there have been loads of clues since including references to not being able to communicate in France (aka Can’t Speak French) and drums (she released a solo single called Beat of my Drum). 

Other early guesses included Charlotte Church but at this point, we feel pretty confident in saying this is Nicola. 

Who is Octopus?

The identity of Octopus has proved harder to figure out and early guesses from the panel and viewers included Ashley Roberts (who has skirted the question of whether she’s on the show) and Kylie Mingoue (not likely, let’s be honest). 

But recent weeks have revealed clues that point in more suitable directions, based on clues we’ve been given which include the fact Octopus is vegan, can speak multiple languages, and has links to Australia. 

Octopus is also a pretty good singer, which has sparked speculation that it could be Katherine Jenkins (who also ticks all three of the above boxes).  

Actresses Sheree Murphy and Emly Symons are also possibilities, as it’s been revealed that Octopus has a link to Emmerdale, while Courtney Act could also be a surprisingly viable answer.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race and CBB star even fuelled rumours by tweeting an octopus emoji. 

A couple of clues which have so far not helped too much are the fact Octopus is into weights training and has previously modelled (which celebrity hasn’t?!). 

Who is Hedgehog?

The (we think) one remaining male singer has left the panel and viewers puzzled. 

His impressive vocals left fans thinking he could be Michael Ball or Alfie Boe and a few not-so-subtle clues since have suggested the former. 

They have stage experience and links to musicals including Phantom of the Opera and Hairspray, both of which Ball has appeared in. 

But some of the clues – such as saying they “can’t wait to have a ball” – seemed a little too obvious. 

Other possible guesses include Luke Evans – we have Denise van Outen to thank for that – and comedian Jason Manford, whose credits surprisingly include a role that required singing in Sweeney Todd.

The comedian has also released a studio album and while he’s denied being on the show, this has actually fuelled rumours as host Joel Dommett has teased that he’s seen one participant telling fibs on social media. 

The Masked Singer final airs on ITV at 7pm.

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