🔥Netflix renewing Lucifer for season 6 is a great idea🔥


LUCIFER – Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix Netflix is in talks to bring Lucifer back for season 6, and that’s great idea after everything that has happened with this series.Lucifer might be coming back for season 6! According to a report from TV Line, Netflix and Warner Bros. TV, which produces Lucifer, are in talks to extend the series for another season.Originally, Lucifer was going to end after season 5. Now, it looks like the show might be sticking around for at least one more season at Netflix. This news is not official yet. We still have to wait for Netflix to make the announcement, but we’re really, really, really hoping this is true.Netflix announced Lucifer would be ending after season 5 last summer, and when we heard the news, it was obviously bittersweet. It’s great this show is still going after everything that happened at FOX. Netflix saved the day, so, for me, it was difficult to be too mad at the streaming network. They were the ones who saved the show after all, and I understand why Netflix does what they do.With that said, Lucifer remains one of the best shows on the streaming service, and in the increasingly competitive streaming industry, having a show like Lucifer can be a game-changer.I’m sure this decision has everything to do with the numbers, though.What likely happened was Lucifer season 4 was released, and all the fans watched the new season. I’m assuming enough fans tuned in immediately to warrant a fifth season renewal, but there weren’t enough viewers to give Netflix a lot of confidence that they’d stick around for multiple seasons.Then, the final season was announced, the fans (and the creative team) asked for more episodes, and Netflix obliged. And, since then, Netflix realized what a massive hit they have on their hands. More people are probably watching this show than ever before, and it also continues to be one of the buzziest shows on social media. Any news about Lucifer season 5 blows up, and it’s clear fans are not ready for this show to end.If the creative team wants to make more episodes, it’s in Netflix’s best interest to keep doing that, especially when there are so many new streaming services popping up in the next few months. HBO Max and Peacock are launching soon. While they aren’t spending as much on content as Netflix, it’d be foolish for Netflix to abandoned shows that are keeping their subscribers happy.Lucifer seems to be a show that is good AND keeps viewers wanting more, and that’s a really good sign for this show moving forward. Remember, this the renewal is not officially official, and deals have fallen apart at the last minute before, but it’s great that Netflix is even considering a sixth season of Lucifer. There’s definitely potential for more, and I’d be happy to see where this show can go in the future.If Lucifer does come back for season 6, I’m hoping there’s even more room for more seasons into the future. Maybe we could get a seventh season, too?Lucifer season 5 is coming to Netflix later this year, and it will be split into two parts.Stay tuned for more news about the future of Lucifer! We’ll be sure to share anything as soon as we find out more information!

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