🔥Harry Dunn: Car 'seen on wrong side of the road' near where teenager died🔥


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A police investigation has been launched after a new video has emerged on social media that appeared to show a car being driven on the wrong side of the road outside the RAF base near where Harry Dunn died.

Mr Dunn, 19, was killed after a crash by RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire which led to suspect Anne Sacoolas leaving the UK under diplomatic immunity on August 27.

Northamptonshire Police said it is “aware of footage shared on social media on Friday relating to a near-miss close to RAF Croughton” and “a full investigation is being carried out and witnesses are sought”.

Radd Seiger, the Dunn family spokesman, said the video suggests “a further tragedy is inevitable”.

Harry’s mother Charlotte Charles and father Tim Dunn earlier said they had seen “no evidence” of the Government reviewing its options after an extradition request for Anne Sacoolas was refused last month.

Ms Sacoolas, 42, the wife of an intelligence official based at RAF Croughton, claimed diplomatic immunity and was able to return to her home country, sparking an international controversy.

Ms Charles has questioned the leadership of the Prime Minister and a lack of action in bringing her son’s alleged killer back to the UK.

She  felt as if her family had to drag the Government “through a hedgerow backwards” to take steps to achieve justice for the teenager and added: “It is so important to my family that no-one suffers the way we have.

“I will not let Harry’s death be in vain.

Charlotte Charles stands beside her husband Bruce Charles before a meeting with Dominic Raab (AFP via Getty Images)

“I want his legacy to be that diplomats will stay and face the consequences of their crimes and not be allowed to run away, that we will get an ambulance to us when we need it and not when it’s too late, and to ensure that road safety in and around bases is significantly improved both for the American personnel and local residents.

“You would have thought that these would be issues that were important to the Government, too, and they would take urgent steps to work with us and to sort things and reassure the people. But not a bit of it.”

The video came to light after Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Nick Adderley met the base’s US Air Force Colonel Bridget McNamara on Thursday to talk about safety.

A joint statement issued after the meeting said Mr McNamara had “provided a detailed brief of all the proactive measures that the base continues to do to help those living on the base adjust to UK driving standards”.

Tributes: flowers left at the scene of the crash (Getty Images)

Mr Adderley said: “It was clear from the meeting that the base already had a significant number of measures in place in ensuring driver safety.”

He described this as “encouraging” to see.

A “shocked” Mr Seiger said the family did not know about the meeting and “should have been there”.

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