šŸ”„Assistant public defender takes over top spot at St. Louis Trial OfficešŸ”„


Assistant public defender takes over top spot at St. Louis Trial Office

ST. LOUISĀ ā€” Matthew Mahaffey, an assistant public defender in St. Louis for the past five years, has been hired to lead the St. Louis Trial Office of public defenders.Mahaffey, 42, took over the job from Mary Fox, who last month became the director of Missouri’s public defender system.In addition to Mahaffey’s tenure as a public defender, he also worked as a child advocacy lawyer for Voices for Children, which providesĀ counsel for children in foster care.According to Mahaffey’s LinkedIn page, he’s a graduate of Hope College in Michigan, earned a master’s degree in social work from Washington University in St. Louis and a law degree from St. Louis University.

Jason Dipner was charged with one count of enticement of a child younger than 15 following his arrest in October.

Ajla Zekan, 21, allegedly stabbed the cab driver approximately 11 times without any warning, according to court documents..

James Kempf shot himself in woods in the Ozarks as police approached his makeshift bed made of foil, foam board and a green tarp. The property owner said Kempf was a good friend driven crazy in a child-custody fight.

More than a dozen felony counts were dismissed against Marquise Henderson in a case that’s over three years old. Prosecutors say they intend to refile.

Allegations in a Missouri lawsuit shed light on how some jail officials use restraint chairs, which have been linked to dozens of deaths.

A victim told police that when she was 15, she started talking with Michael Bakale on mobile apps Whisper and Snapchat.Ā 

Cameka Cathey is accused of murdering a shopper inside the Family Dollar Store at 9730 St. Charles Rock Road in Breckenridge Hills. State psychologists say she soon may be ready to proceed to trial.

Early on Dec. 15, officers responded to an anonymous report of puppies abandoned next to a dumpster in Shaw Park.

A Ladue doctor and a nurse practitioner from St. Louis admitted improperly billing Medicare and Medicaid.

Some have described Lane as a gadfly because of his penchant for suing the city and public officials to stop what he views as abusive government.

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