🔥AFC Wimbledon aiming for late surge in bid for £5m as Plough Lane bond deadline looms🔥


AFC Wimbledon are hoping for a late flurry of investors on Friday so their fan-created bond can reach its target of £5million and move them a step closer to returning to Plough Lane.

The Dons need to raise £11m by the end of this month so they can complete construction on the 9,000-seater Plough Lane and move in next season.

As a way of raising money, a group of fans created the Plough Lane Bond, which launched earlier this month and offers people the chance to invest over five, 10 or 20-year terms with interest rates of up to four per cent.

The creators of the bond set themselves a target of raising £5m and the deadline for people to come onboard is midnight on Friday night.

As of Friday morning, the Plough Lane Bond had raised over £4.3m and Wimbledon were hoping for a late surge of interest to hit their target.

The more money the bond raises the stronger financial position the club will be in as they seek to source the remaining cash from a commercial lender.

The bond’s success will also keep Wimbledon fan-owned instead of bringing in outside investors to make up the stadium shortfall.

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