🔥Aegion announces wage reductions, temporary furloughs during COVID-19 outbreak🔥


Aegion announces wage reductions, temporary furloughs during COVID-19 outbreak

CHESTERFIELD — Aegion Corporation announced measures Thursday to reduce costs during the COVID-19 outbreak, including an unpaid furlough for 15% of the company’s North American workforce, and temporary wage reductions for its salaried employees.The Chesterfield-based pipe repair company said in a statement that many of the “stay at home” orders in place across the country allow workers to continue operating and maintaining pipe infrastructure, but the business is still is preparing for a “protracted period of significant uncertainty.”The company has between 4,200 and 4,300 employees in North America, according to Katie Cason, Aegion’s senior vice president of strategy and communications. The furlough will impact less than 40 employees in the St. Louis area, she said.”We do not believe a ‘wait and see’ approach is appropriate,” Aegion president and chief executive officer Charles Gordon said in a statement. “Though very difficult, we believe the swift and decisive actions we have taken will ensure the organization is able to weather this unprecedented global crisis.”The temporary cash wage reductions will range from 15% for lower salary bands up to 50% for senior leadership.Gordon, along with Aegion’s chief financial officer and general counsel, will take a 100% cash wage reduction.According to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Gordon’s base salary is nearly $707,000. He reported total compensation of $3.8 million for 2019.

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Add Old Navy, Gap, Build-A-Bear, Banana Republica to retailers temporarily shutting down. 

LeGrand’s Market already installed such barriers

The workers will see at least an additional $2 an hour, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 655.

Amcor was expanding the plant, which makes plastic containers, just two years ago

Jessica Hinkle, manager of the store in Springfield, said the woman told employees Wednesday that her water broke. Hinkle held up a sheet for privacy while a labor nurse who happened to be in the store and firefighters helped the woman deliver her baby in just 45 minutes, KYTV reported.

The region, including outlying counties, has about 10,000 hospital beds in total, according to new work by the Harvard Global Health Institute. About 4,300 of those beds were available on any given day, Harvard found.

For thousands of workers in St. Louis — and millions around the country — there is no ‘working from home.’ There’s just no more work.

LeGrand’s Market already installed such barriers

Drury Hotels, based in Des Peres, instituted layoffs and furloughs this week. According to documents obtained by the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday, almost 200 were either furloughed or laid off out of about 900 corporate employees.

Expected spike in unemployment, drop in production can be a temporary hit — if managed correctly, James Bullard says.

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